Top 3 Relationship Wreckers

It’s not always easy starting or maintaining a healthy and loving relationship. Sometimes, on top of knowing what you should be doing, you need to know some of the things that you shouldn’t be doing!


We’ve listed three of the most common things that people shouldn’t do. Steer clear of these three bad habits and avoid risking the success and happiness of your relationship.


1. Don’t try to ‘improve’ your partner.


No one is perfect – everyone has flaws, big and small. Don’t allow yourself to get caught up on the small things. If he leaves the toilet seat up, it’s really not the end of the world. Even more importantly, don’t try to change who your partner is on a deeper level. If he or she is shy, don’t try to make him outgoing. Accept your partner for who they are; remember, you have flaws too!


2. Don’t act like a secret agent


Every good relationship is built on trust. You need to have trust in your partner and, at the same time, respect their privacy. Don’t go snooping around, checking emails, texts or social media. Not only will you intrude on their privacy but you will most probably lose your partner’s trust.


3. Don’t take your partner for granted


Make sure that you don’t take your partner for granted. Think about what makes that person special and why you love them. Then, don’t just think about it, tell them why you love them. Point out what you are grateful for and notice the small things that they do for you.

Chrissy Teigen Clarifies: ‘I’m Not Pregnant!’

Outspoken supermodel, and our favourite Twitter-queen, Chrissy Teigen, has set the record straight after rumours started doing the rounds that she and husband, John Legend, is expecting their second child together.

“And no, I am not pregnant” Chrissy said in a tweet on Monday – letting all her followers know that she is not going to be a mother for the second time anytime soon.

Chrissy and John are already parents to baby Luna, who was born in April last year.

The rumours started over the past weekend at the SAG Awards, when Chrissy dropped a comment that made fans and critics alike wonder if she is, in fact, with child.

While on the red carpet, a journalist for Entertainment Tonight, asked Chrissy about the couple’s future, second baby.

“Oh my God, a little boy is next for sure!,” Chrissy said.

This prompted people to ask how the couple could know the sex of their second child if they’re not pregnant.

Chrissy then went to Twitter to explain it all:

“Since this is coming up again, I said our next baby would be a boy because that is the embryo we have left. A boy. So. Yeah,” she tweeted.

Chrissy and John made use of IVF treatment to fall pregnant with baby Luna, and will make use of the fertility treatment again for their second child. Thus, this is how they know that it will be a boy.

Chrissy has long since been open about her struggles with fertility. She said last year that she and John would’ve had kids years ago, had they not have to deal with fertility issues.

Our favourite couple may not be pregnant yet, but we sure will be excited to see another Legend join the family!

Terry Content with Cheering on Chelsea from Bench

Veteran Chelsea defender, John Terry, has said that he is perfectly content with being benched – if it means that Chelsea continue their current winning streak, and ultimately, win the English Premier League.

Terry was ruled out of Chelsea’s starting lineup in September, due to an injury, and has since been cheering his team on from the bench.

Even though Terry has recovered from his injury, Chelsea manager, Antonio Conte, seems to be favouring Gary Cahill and David Luiz in Terry’s position instead.

However, this does not seem to bother the 36-year-old English international, as he told the Daily Mail:

“First and foremost the team is flying, playing unbelievable…Sometimes there’s nothing you can do as a player. I started the first four games of the season and get injured and we lose at home to Liverpool and Arsenal away and the manager is asking ‘how long till you are back?'[sic]…And then we go 13 games unbeaten and you’re back fit but you can’t get in. And as a player you have to accept it”.

He continued, saying that he hopes he does not play again this season, because that would then mean that his team has kept on winning, despite him not being in the starting lineup.

Terry has been playing for Chelsea since 1998. He has also been a constant fixture in the English national football team, since he made his debut in 2003.

Chelsea is currently in first position in the English Premier League with 55 points.

27-Year-Old Student Charged with Murder for Quebec Mosque Attack

Canadian authorities have confirmed that they have arrested and charged a 27-year-old student with six counts of murder, and five counts of attempted murder for the shooting attack in a mosque in Quebec, Canada, on Sunday.

Alexandre Bissonnette, a political science student at the Laval University in Quebec, made a brief court appearance in Quebec City on Monday, where he was formally charged with six counts of premeditated murder and five counts of attempted murder.

However, Bissonnette may face more charges, as the investigation into his horrific act is still ongoing.

Authorities said that Bissonnette could likely face terrorism-related, as well as national security charges, pending their investigation.

“There are search warrants underway…We hope to obtain the evidence to reach the point where we will be able to lay terrorism and national security charges,” a spokesperson for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police said.

Bissonnette broke into the Islamic Cultural Center on Sunday evening, and opened fire on the worshippers inside the mosque.

Six men were killed during the shooting, and five others were critically injured. Thirteen other people were also taken to hospital with minor injuries.

Others managed to flee the scene, running for cover, barefoot in the snow as they screamed for help.

Bissonnette handed himself over to authorities about an hour after the attack. He was about 20 kilometers away from the scene.

Authorities have also confirmed that Bissonnette was a right-wing, anti-feminist, nationalist. He was also a supporter of newly elected US president, Donald Trump.

Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, made an official announcement shortly after the attack, calling it an ‘act of terror’ and affirming that Canadians will not be intimidated.

“Last night’s horrible crime against the Muslim community was an act of terror committed against Canada and against all Canadians…Canadians will not be intimidated…We will not meet violence with more violence. We will meet fear and hatred with love and compassion[sic],” he said.

The attack came shortly after Trudeau announced that Canada will welcome Muslim refugees to their country. This, after president Trump signed an executive order in the US, banning people from various, mostly Muslim countries from entering the United States.

The order has since been recalled.

2017 Screen Actors Guild Awards: Winners

As award season rages on, another big award ceremony took place last night: the Screen Actors Guild Awards – otherwise known as the SAG Awards.

The SAG Awards celebrate the best in film and television. But, unlike the Golden Globes, their list of awards is much smaller and more elite.

The SAG Awards are considered to be an indicator of success at the Oscars – meaning that whomever wins a SAG Award, will most likely win an Oscar for the same role, too.

And so far, it looks like the SAG Awards may have very well predicted a Best Actress winner in the form of Emma Stone.

Emma Stone has already won the Golden Globe for Best Actress for her performance in the musical ‘La La Land’, and now that she can add a SAG Award to that list, winning the Oscar for Best Actress will complete the hat-trick for the red-haired beauty.

However, Stone’s co-star, Ryan Gosling, who won the Golden Globe award for Best Actor, did not win the SAG Award for Best Actor. The Best Actor SAG award instead went to Denzel Washington, for his performance in ‘Fences’.

So, we’ll have to wait and see which Hollywood hunk takes home the Oscar!

The cast of ‘Fences’, which include Octavia Spencer, Taraji P. Henson and Janelle Monáe, won the award for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture.

In the television department, the cast of Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things’, took home the award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series. Considering that most of the lead cast is made up of kids, this was a fantastic achievement for the show.

Below is a list of the evening’s winners:

Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture: Hidden Figures

Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series: Stranger Things

Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role in a Motion Picture: Emma Stone, La La Land

Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role in a Motion Picture: Denzel Washington, Fences

Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Drama Series: Claire Foy, The Crown

Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Drama Series: John Lithgow, The Crown

Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Television Movie or Limited Series: Bryan Cranston, All the Way

Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in Television Movie or Miniseries: Sarah Paulson, The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story

Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture: Mahershala Ali, Moonlight

Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture: Viola Davis, Fences

Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series: Orange Is the New Black

Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Comedy Series: William H. Macy, Shameless

Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Comedy Series: Julia Louis-Dreyfuss, Veep

Outstanding Action Performance by a Stunt Ensemble: Hacksaw Ridge

Outstanding Performance by a Stunt Ensemble: Game of Thrones

2017 SAG Life Achievement Award: Lily Tomlin

Mourinho: Schweinsteiger to Stay With United

Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho, has said that German international, Bastian Schweinsteiger, will stay with United, amidst the 32-year-old being out-of-favour for more than a year now.
Schweinsteiger signed with United shortly after Germany won the 2014 FIFA World Cup – in which he was instrumental.

After Mourinho took over as manager of Manchester United from Louis Van Gaal, Schweinsteiger was quickly placed on the bench by Mourinho.

In fact, Schweinsteiger seemed to be so out-of-favour with Mourinho, that he was even sent to practise with Manchester United’s under-23 team, instead of the first team.

However, things seems to have turned around for Schweinsteiger, as he made his first start for United in more than a year on Saturday in the Red Devils’ FA Cup match against Wigan.

Schweinsteiger was clearly keen to be back on the starting bench, as he went on to score his first goal since November 2015.

Manchester United went on to destroy Wigan 4-0.

Mourinho also made sure that the media understands, in no uncertain terms, that Schweinsteiger will be staying at Old Trafford.

“He is staying…He is going on our Europa League list because we have opened spaces with Depay and Schneiderlin and we don’t have many players [sic],” he said.

He continued, saying that United is limited when it comes to midfield players, and Schweinsteiger will definitely be an option going forward.

“We don’t have many options in midfield. Ninety minutes today was probably too hard for him but now I think he is happy. With so many competitions and games, he will be an option.”

Emmanuel Daniel Linked to Mamelodi Sundowns

Enugu Rangers goalkeeper, Emmanuel Daniel, has reportedly been linked to a move to South African club, Mamelodi Sundowns.

Various reports have suggested that the 23-year-old has been in talks with the Africa Cup champions for quite a while, and that it is only a matter of time before his transfer will be made public.

The fact that Daniel is currently travelling, has also added fuel to the flame suggesting that he may make a move to South Africa. According to reports, Daniel told his teammates that he is traveling to see family, but that, in fact, he flew to South Africa to undergo a medical examination with Sundowns.

These claims have not been substantiated.

However, Paul Uzor, the Rangers’ general manager, has said that he and his management team are unaware of any talks with Mamelodi Sundowns.

“We have still not heard from Mamelodi Sundowns, I cannot give you any information I don’t know about,” he told reporters.

Daniel has been playing for the Rangers since 2013. He has also represented the Nigerian under-23 side in both the 2015 African Games and the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

He was called up to the Super Eagles in October of last year, for Nigeria’s 2018 FIFA World Cup qualifier against Zambia.

Government Reassures Zimbabweans over Xenophobic Attacks in SA

The Zimbabwean government has reassured Zimbabweans living in neighbouring South Africa, that both the South African and Zimbabwean governments will work together to ensure the safety of Zimbabweans living in the country.

The reassurance from the government comes after fears of xenophobic attacks have increased, after a group in Pretoria, calling themselves, ‘Mamelodi Concerned Residents’, called for an anti-foreigner protest in Pretoria.

However, the Deputy Home Affairs Minister of Zimbabwe, Obedingwa Mguni, told reporters on Sunday that the South African government has said that they are “on top of the situation”.

“The government has guaranteed the safety of our nationals. There is no way they will allow another episode of xenophobic attacks. I’m quite assured,” he said.

South Africa is still reeling from it’s last bout of xenophobic attacks, between March and May of 2015.

During these attacks, which mainly took place in Durban on the country’s south coast, seven foreigners (including Zimbabweans) were killed. It has also been reported that a further 5000 foreigners were displaced after the attacks in 2015.

The economic crisis in Zimbabwe has forced millions of people to leave the country to find work and establish a better life in South Africa. While there are legal Zimbabweans earning an honest living in South Africa, there are also thousands of illegal Zimbabweans living and working in the country.

According to Africa Check, an independent fact-checking organisation, there are currently between one million and three million Zimbabweans living in South Africa.

Somalia Announces Date for Presidential Election

After being delayed four times, the Somali Electoral Commission has finally announced that the country’s presidential election will take place on February 8th.

The commission also announced that registration for candidates opened yesterday (Thursday).

Somalia’s election has been delayed numerous times, and various issues regarding the election have prevented the country from voting for a leader for more than a year.

The opposition has accused the government on multiple occasions of trying to monopolize the election, as well as a host of other claims, including voter intimidation.

There have also been several allegations of bribery and fraud with regards to the election.

Unlike most African countries, Somalia’s president is not determined by popular vote. Instead, clans select around 14 000 delegates, who then elect parliament members. These parliament members then elect the president.

The announcement of a final date for the presidential election is thanks to the fact that the country has recently elected members for the two houses of parliament.

EPL Fixtures For The Upcoming Week

For the first time in a long time, there are no English Premier League games this weekend.

Instead, the games that would normally have been played over the weekend, will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday next week.

Here are the fixtures for next week’s EPL games:

Tuesday, 31 January

Arsenal vs Watford
Bournemouth vs Crystal Palace
Burnley vs Leicester City
Middlesbrough vs West Brom
Sunderland vs Tottenham Hotspur
Swansea City vs Southampton
Liverpool vs Chelsea

Wednesday, 1 February

West Ham vs Manchester City
Manchester United vs Hull City
Stoke City vs Everton