Somalia Announces Date for Presidential Election

After being delayed four times, the Somali Electoral Commission has finally announced that the country’s presidential election will take place on February 8th.

The commission also announced that registration for candidates opened yesterday (Thursday).

Somalia’s election has been delayed numerous times, and various issues regarding the election have prevented the country from voting for a leader for more than a year.

The opposition has accused the government on multiple occasions of trying to monopolize the election, as well as a host of other claims, including voter intimidation.

There have also been several allegations of bribery and fraud with regards to the election.

Unlike most African countries, Somalia’s president is not determined by popular vote. Instead, clans select around 14 000 delegates, who then elect parliament members. These parliament members then elect the president.

The announcement of a final date for the presidential election is thanks to the fact that the country has recently elected members for the two houses of parliament.

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