Government Reassures Zimbabweans over Xenophobic Attacks in SA

The Zimbabwean government has reassured Zimbabweans living in neighbouring South Africa, that both the South African and Zimbabwean governments will work together to ensure the safety of Zimbabweans living in the country.

The reassurance from the government comes after fears of xenophobic attacks have increased, after a group in Pretoria, calling themselves, ‘Mamelodi Concerned Residents’, called for an anti-foreigner protest in Pretoria.

However, the Deputy Home Affairs Minister of Zimbabwe, Obedingwa Mguni, told reporters on Sunday that the South African government has said that they are “on top of the situation”.

“The government has guaranteed the safety of our nationals. There is no way they will allow another episode of xenophobic attacks. I’m quite assured,” he said.

South Africa is still reeling from it’s last bout of xenophobic attacks, between March and May of 2015.

During these attacks, which mainly took place in Durban on the country’s south coast, seven foreigners (including Zimbabweans) were killed. It has also been reported that a further 5000 foreigners were displaced after the attacks in 2015.

The economic crisis in Zimbabwe has forced millions of people to leave the country to find work and establish a better life in South Africa. While there are legal Zimbabweans earning an honest living in South Africa, there are also thousands of illegal Zimbabweans living and working in the country.

According to Africa Check, an independent fact-checking organisation, there are currently between one million and three million Zimbabweans living in South Africa.

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