Terry Content with Cheering on Chelsea from Bench

Veteran Chelsea defender, John Terry, has said that he is perfectly content with being benched – if it means that Chelsea continue their current winning streak, and ultimately, win the English Premier League.

Terry was ruled out of Chelsea’s starting lineup in September, due to an injury, and has since been cheering his team on from the bench.

Even though Terry has recovered from his injury, Chelsea manager, Antonio Conte, seems to be favouring Gary Cahill and David Luiz in Terry’s position instead.

However, this does not seem to bother the 36-year-old English international, as he told the Daily Mail:

“First and foremost the team is flying, playing unbelievable…Sometimes there’s nothing you can do as a player. I started the first four games of the season and get injured and we lose at home to Liverpool and Arsenal away and the manager is asking ‘how long till you are back?'[sic]…And then we go 13 games unbeaten and you’re back fit but you can’t get in. And as a player you have to accept it”.

He continued, saying that he hopes he does not play again this season, because that would then mean that his team has kept on winning, despite him not being in the starting lineup.

Terry has been playing for Chelsea since 1998. He has also been a constant fixture in the English national football team, since he made his debut in 2003.

Chelsea is currently in first position in the English Premier League with 55 points.

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