Top 3 Relationship Wreckers

It’s not always easy starting or maintaining a healthy and loving relationship. Sometimes, on top of knowing what you should be doing, you need to know some of the things that you shouldn’t be doing!


We’ve listed three of the most common things that people shouldn’t do. Steer clear of these three bad habits and avoid risking the success and happiness of your relationship.


1. Don’t try to ‘improve’ your partner.


No one is perfect – everyone has flaws, big and small. Don’t allow yourself to get caught up on the small things. If he leaves the toilet seat up, it’s really not the end of the world. Even more importantly, don’t try to change who your partner is on a deeper level. If he or she is shy, don’t try to make him outgoing. Accept your partner for who they are; remember, you have flaws too!


2. Don’t act like a secret agent


Every good relationship is built on trust. You need to have trust in your partner and, at the same time, respect their privacy. Don’t go snooping around, checking emails, texts or social media. Not only will you intrude on their privacy but you will most probably lose your partner’s trust.


3. Don’t take your partner for granted


Make sure that you don’t take your partner for granted. Think about what makes that person special and why you love them. Then, don’t just think about it, tell them why you love them. Point out what you are grateful for and notice the small things that they do for you.

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