United’s League Cup Win: Mourinho Gets Emotional

Manchester United proved they are a team to fear, after the Red Devils won the coveted League Cup during Sunday’s final against Southampton.

United walked away with the winner’s trophy after beating Southampton, 3-2.

Veteran footballer, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, was the undeniable star of the show, scoring twice for United, which included clinching the winning goal in the 87th minute of the game.

Manager, Jose Mourinho, was beaming with pride after his side won their first title with him at the helm, and even admitted to the press that he is rather emotional about the win.

“I’m a bit emotional, yes. It’s not easy to win titles so many times, it’s not easy to cope with that pressure that I put myself under with my career,” Mourinho said.

Mourinho has won the League Cup four times now, after previously winning the title three times with former club, Chelsea.

“Winning is always special. The day I don’t get emotional when I win is the day to go home,” he said.

Speaking of Ibrahimovic, Mourinho said that he was undoubtedly the reason United won the game.

Mourinho was mocked, at first, for signing 35-year-old Ibrahimovic on a free transfer, but the Swede has proven to be the best asset Mourinho has acquired for United.

“I think Ibrahimovic won the game for us because he was outstanding…Our opponents were better than us for long periods of the game, they deserved to go to extra-time, they did not deserve to lose over 90 minutes…He made the difference and he gave us a cup,” Mourinho said.

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