Antonio Conte: EPL Win Won’t Mean Job Security

Winning the English Premier League doesn’t necessarily mean that you get to keep your job as manager, as many recent managers can attest to.

Most recently, Chelsea manager, Antonio Conte, admitted that he knows that even if he helps Chelsea secure victory in the Premier League, that does not automatically mean he will have a job for the next year or even month.

The recent sacking of Claudio Ranieri as Leicester City manager has made it clear that, even if you bring in Premier League titles, you never know what might happen.

The same happened to current Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho, when he was with Chelsea. A mere six months after helping Chelsea win the English Premier League, Mourinho was sacked.

Speaking to the press recently, Conte said that he is well aware his job isn’t secure, even though it is most likely that Chelsea will win the Premier League.

“I think that in this football, in this type of modern football, it is not easy to start a project or to be sure you will stay in a for a long time in the same team…It is not only for me but for all coaches [sic],” he said.

He continued, saying that managers may have the opportunity to stay with the same team, and grow with the players, but on this level of football, continuous results are very important, especially to the club owners.

“For sure if you have the possibility to stay for many years in the same team, yeah, you can work to improve your idea. You can work to improve your player [sic]. But the results… the results in football are very important. We all know this and it can happen that one season you win the title and the next you can be going on your way [sic],” he said.

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