Germans Kidnapped in Nigeria Released

Governor of Kaduna State in Northern Nigeria, Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai, has said in a statement that the two Germans that were kidnapped last week Wednesday have been released.

In a statement released to the media, Governor El-Rufai said that the Germans, who were kidnapped close to the Jenjela village in Kaduna state, had been found unharmed by Nigerian security forces. He also praised the various security forces for their part on the safe release of the Germans.

Professor Peter Breunig, and his assistant, Johannes Behringer, are archeologists and were working on site at a dig close to the village where they were kidnapped.

Reports over the weekend suggested that the kidnappers were demanding a $US200 000 ransom from the German Embassy in Nigeria, however, the embassy has not confirmed whether or not a ransom had been paid for the release of the two archeologists.

However, a senior police official involved in the rescuing of the Germans, said that the kidnappers had made direct contact with the German embassy.

It may also have been the Special Forces task team that scared off the kidnappers. This elite unit specializes in kidnappings and is often aided by low-flying helicopters. It is believed that the Special Forces cordoned off a part of a forest in the area.

Kidnappers in the area often take their hostages to this particular area.

Kidnappings in Nigeria have been on the increase over the past two years, with kidnappers targeting foreigners and then demanding ransom from their relevant embassy to secure their release.

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