Bangladesh: Thousands Evacuated As Cyclone Mora Hits

Authorities in Bangladesh have said that they are in the process of evacuating thousands of people from coastal towns, after Cyclone Mora hit the country in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

The Bangladesh Meteorological Department said that Cyclone Mora made landfall early on Tuesday morning, between the main port city of Chittagong and Cox’s Bazar in the south east of the country.

Bangladesh raised the weather danger level to 10 (the highest level) after the cyclone hit.

The Meteorological Department said that the cyclone caused winds of up to 117 km/h and that there had been a warning issued for a 1.7 metre-high storm surge on several coastal towns in the south east of the country.

A spokesperson for the government, Golam Mostofa, said that around 300 000 people are being evacuated.

“They have been evacuated to at least 400 cyclone shelters, schools and government offices in the coastal areas,” he told reporters.

He also confirmed that they have not received any reports of casualties thus far.

Bangladesh is often hit by bad storms, including cyclones and monsoons.

Last year, the south coast of the country was hit by Cyclone Roanu in May, which caused extreme damage to several villages on the coast and forced more than 500 000 people to flee their homes.

Cyclone Roanu left 20 people dead.

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