Cape Town: Decomposed Body Found on Table Mountain

Police in Cape Town, South Africa, confirmed that they found a decomposed body on the slopes of Table Mountain.

According to officials, Table Mountain park rangers found the remains of a woman’s body near Platteklip Gorge on the right-hand side of the mountain, a few metres away from the lower cableway station.

The remains were found on Tuesday morning. Park rangers have told the media that the forensic teams are still busy on the scene, and that Tafelberg road has been cordoned off from the public.

Frederick van Wyk, of the Cape Town Police, said that further tests will be done on the remains to determine the cause of death.

“We can confirm that a decomposed body of a female was discovered this morning on Table Mountain by detectives of our provincial detective team and park rangers. A post-mortem will be conducted to determine the cause of death,” he told reporters.

Many believe that the remains found on the mountain are those of Charlotte Nikoi, Unicef associate director for human resources from Ghana who disappeared on the mountain in late March, after hiking the Platteklip Gorge trail with her husband and daughter.

According to Nikoi’s husband, Chris Nikoi, the couple and their daughter were hiking the trail on 21 March when Charlotte became out of breath and said that she was rather going to turn around and head back down the mountain.

She reportedly said that she would meet her husband at the foot of the trail.

However, when Chris returned from the hike Charlotte was nowhere to be found. He immediately alerted the police and Table Mountain park officials who started an extensive search for the woman, to no avail.

It is not yet confirmed whether the body found on the mountain is that of Charlotte’s, but it is believed that police and park rangers will make announcement about the case soon.

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