US Bans Citizens from Flying Air Zimbabwe

According to various reports, the US Embassy in Zimbabwe has banned its staff and US citizens from flying with Zimbabwe’s national airline, Air Zimbabwe.

The US Embassy has reportedly cited ‘safety concerns’ as the reason for the ban.

A spokesperson for the US Embassy in Zimbabwe said in a statement that the ban is effective immediately.

“We stand ready to work with Air Zimbabwe and CAAZ [Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe] in any way as they address the issues raised. US Embassy Harare will lift the restriction when all issues have been verifiably addressed according to international standards,” a part of his statement read.

The airline has been under scrutiny from various aviation organisations for quite some time.

Just last month, the European Commission announced that they have banned Air Zimbabwe from flying into Europe, also citing safety concerns.

The EU commission said that Air Zimbabwe does not meet the international aviation safety standards and thus they have had to ban the airline from operating anywhere in the European Union.

The commission also said that Air Zimbabwe is one of four international airlines that were added to the barred list due to “unaddressed safety deficiencies that were detected by the European Safety Agency [sic]”.

Reports by Zimbabwean newspapers last month said that all five of the airplanes in Air Zimbabwe’s fleet were grounded for the month of April.

Air Zimbabwe has yet to comment on the matter.

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