Jennifer Garner Slams Magazine For ‘Fake News’

Jennifer Garner has publicly called out a magazine for publishing a fake story about her and her family.

The ‘Alias’ star took on People magazine in a post on her official Facebook account, saying that a cover story they recently ran – allegedly about how she is dealing with her divorce from Ben Affleck – is completely false and that she in no way had a ‘sit down interview’ with the magazine.

The cover of the recent issue of People magazine features Garner, and reads “why Jennifer Garner is finding it difficult to move on from ‘love of her life’ and father of her 3 kids”.

However, Jen has spoken up, saying: “It has been brought to my attention that there is a People magazine cover and article out today that appear to be coming from me…This isn’t a tragedy by any measure, but it does affect me and my family and so, before my mom’s garden club lights up her phone, I wanted to set the record straight…I did not pose for this cover. I did not participate in or authorize this article.”

She ended her post by describing her family as ‘complete’ and wishing her followers a beautiful day.

People magazine has yet to respond to Garner’s comments.

With fake news spreading like wildfire nowadays, it’s good to see someone in the public eye set the record straight.

Kim Kardashian Calls Out Caitlyn Jenner

It seems that there is no love lost between Kim Kardashian West and her former stepfather, Caitlyn Jenner.

In a new snippet from an upcoming episode of ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’, Kim tells sister Kourtney about how upset she is with Caitlyn about what she wrote in her recently released memoir.

In the sneak peek, Kim says that after reading Caitlyn’s memoir, she found that the former Olympic athlete continuously discredits her mother, Kris Jenner.

Kim goes on to explain that Caitlyn effectively blames Kris for everything that ‘went wrong’ in her life, and that she even goes as far as to imply that Kris pocketed the money that Caitlyn made with her motivational speeches.

“[Caitlyn] said, ‘I didn’t see a dime of my money.’ She was insinuating that mom took the check and pocketed it and had this huge savings…the money wasn’t going in mom’s pocket [sic],” Kim tells Kourtney.

Kourtney seems to agree with her sister, adding that she knows how hard their mother worked to get Caitlyn into the business.

“They made the money together…Even when mom would book appearances, I worked for her, I would hear her phone calls in the office. She would hustle to get speeches. She changed Caitlyn’s career and she made her have this motivational speaker business [sic],” Kourtney said.

Caitlyn also recently told a morning news show that she and Kim are not speaking at the moment and that her relationships with all of the Kardashian sisters is strained at the moment.

Be Healthier by Doing 4 Simple Things

It’s the 1st of June, which means the year is almost halfway through.

While most people like to set goals for themselves at the start of the year, don’t let this restrict you. The truth is that any day of the year is just as good as the next when it comes to setting new goals.

Whether it’s eating healthier foods or exercising more often, living a healthier will benefit you no matter what your lifestyle is.

Dedicating yourself to leading a healthier lifestyle is one of the most common goals, and one of the toughest – but it doesn’t have to be.

Here are four simple, yet effective, tips to achieve a healthier lifestyle. These tips are all very easy to implement into your daily routine, and won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Drink More Water

There are endless health benefits to upping your water intake. Not only will it hydrate you properly and leave your skin looking refreshed, it will help your body flush out harmful toxins.

Cut out sugary drinks, such as sodas and fruit juices, and opt for water instead.

Try to stay away from flavoured water. While it may be labelled as ‘water’, these drinks often contain more sugar than many soft drinks.


Stretching in the morning is the perfect way to get your body going for the day.

By doing a few simple stretches in the morning – no longer than 5 minutes – you will improve the circulation in your body, which will increase the blood flow to your muscles.

More blood in your muscles means that you will have more energy, and more brain power.

Eat Less Meat

As Africans, meat forms a central part of our diets. Whether it’s beef, pork or chicken, you’ll find at least one meat protein on a plate of food for most people.

While meat isn’t bad for you, eating too much of it is.

Consuming less meat and focusing on a plant-based diet will ensure you get more fibre, vitamins and other essential nutrients.

The hormones found in non-organic meat has been proven to be harmful to humans in the long run. Eating less meat will also mean that you consume less calories and fat, which in turn lowers your risk of heart disease.

Give it a try by starting a ‘meat-free Monday’ tradition in your household and slowly phase out meat, ideally only having it only two to three times a week.


Meditation is not tied to a specific religion or exercise, such as Meditating by yourself has many benefits, and can be done at any time of the day.

Take 10-15 minutes each day to close your eyes, calm your mind and focus on yourself. It will not only help you to get rid of stress and feel calmer, it will also improve your breathing, which will promote the distribution of oxygen throughout your body.

Whether you do it in the mornings, the evenings, or the middle of the day, meditating for a few minutes a day will improve your all-round health.