Moji Olaiya’s Family Address Her Cause of Death

The family of famed Nigerian actress, Moji Olaiya, who passed away recently, has finally addressed her cause of death.

Moji Olaiya passed away almost a month ago, on 17 May while in Canada, a mere two months after giving birth to her second child, a baby girl. She was 42 years old.

Shortly after her death, rumours that she was poisoned by ‘a friend’ started doing the rounds on Nigerian social media.

However, Olaiya’s family has put those rumours to bed. Yesterday Olaiya’s brother, Femi Olaiya, released the following statement:

“We wish to use this opportunity to debunk claims circulating on social media that a friend in Canada poisoned Moji. An autopsy was conducted; the autopsy reports indicated that our dear sister died of a different cause that can be termed natural medical cause [sic].”

While the family did not specify  the cause of Moji’s death, some reports have mentioned cardiac arrest as a possible cause.

Olaiya had a successful acting career in Nigeria, and starred in both English and Yoruba films.

In 2003, she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress and was nominated for and won Best New Actress at the Reel Awards.

Image: Moji Olaiya [online image] (2017) sourced on 12 June 2017 at