5 Tips to Dress for Less

Clothes are not just a basic human need, they are also a form of expression. From keeping up to date with the latest trends, to artistically showing your personality, clothing can get very pricey.

Here are five tips to make your money for clothing go further:

1. Buy the right size. Buying an outfit or item which is slightly too small, because we reckon we’ll lose some excess weight and enjoy it later, very seldom works. Buy what is flattering on you, right now.

2. Sell what you’re not wearing. Go through your closet and start chucking any items you haven’t worn in the last three months. There are a number of websites where you can sell clothes you no longer wear. You could also try asking your friends or on posting your ‘sale’ on social media. When you get cash for your old clothes, then you can buy some new ones.

3. Be creative. Altering and mending old clothes or clothes from the thrift store can be great fun, and give you a unique look. Try sewing some patches onto some jeans or a denim jacket.

4. Make sure you have the basics down. Get basic items like white T-shirts and skinny jeans that you can pair with other clothes and accessories.

5. Every time you think of buying an expensive item, think about a “cost-per-wear formula”: divide the item by how many times you think you’ll wear it over a certain period, for example, one year. This can help you decide if it will really be worth the expensive price-tag.

2018 Fashion Trends

Now that the Spring/Summer 2018 fashion shows have wrapped up, the most popular and stylish fashion trends for the year so far have been set.

Here are the 2018 fashion trends that you can start wearing today.


To say sequins and sparkles are a big deal right now is an understatement.

Choose one sparkly item as the showpiece of your outfit, and pair it with matte fabrics and plain colours.


Whether lilac, pink, lemon or duck egg blue, pastels have taken centre stage this season.

Try choosing one pastel colour and using it throughout your outfit, or pair a few different pastel colours together for a soft yet striking look.


Transparency has made a comeback this season, and gives you the option of showing off multiple layers.

Layer a sheer top over a button down shirt for a smart work outfit, or wear a sheer skirt with a matching monochrome pants layer underneath.

Image: Model wears pastel in Victoria Beckham’s 2018 Fashion Show [online image] (2018) sourced on 23 January 2018 from https://hips.hearstapps.com/harpersbazaaruk.cdnds.net/17/40/victoria-beckham.jpg?crop=1.0xw:1xh;center,top&resize=980:*

2018 Fashion Trends

Now that fashion month is finally over, key trends going into 2018 have started to emerge.

Here are the top five trends from the fashion weeks in New York, London, Milan, and Paris that you can rip straight from the runway and onto your clothes rail.


The single piece of clothing seen most on the runway? A menswear-inspired blazer. Wear it as a suit with matching trousers, or pair casually with some jeans. This is a look that works for everyone.


Bright colours have been making a comeback, the most popular of which has been a brilliant orange. Opt for orange coats or jackets and pair with other bright colours, such as neon pink. If you’re a very brave fashionista, wear orange from head-to-toe.


Newsboy caps and berets are the new must-have accessories. Pair a newsboy cap with a military inspired jacket or a fun, frilly skirt. Wear your beret with a trench coat, pleather jacket, or some plaid.

Short Hemlines

The leggy look has made a serious comeback this season. Grab your tiniest cut-offs or shortest micro-mini, and pair with longer tops and jackets. The disappearing bottoms look is in. You could also pair them with some thigh-high boots.

Clashing Prints

In great news for all print lovers, the current cool way to wear patterns is layered and contrasting. Right now there is an ‘anything-goes’ mentality to mixing stripes, snakeskin, florals, camouflage, leopard, plaid and polka dots. So grab your favourite prints and go wild.

Image: Hat style trend [online image] (2017) sourced on 12 October 2017 from https://assets.vogue.com/photos/59de576b64f46448f175f206/master/w_660,c_limit/11-street-style-trends-spring-18-hats.jpg

How To Wear ‘Sports Luxe’

By now, we’re sure you’ve heard the term ‘sports luxe’ or ‘athleisure’ thrown around.

This relatively new trend is essentially the pairing of athletic wear with non-athletic wear, such as gym pants and high-heeled boots, or Nike kicks and a Chanel bag. It’s a mashup of two distinct styles that would, traditionally, not be worn together.

It’s popularity has grown exponentially, and with the stylish yet comfortable options it offers, it’s no surprise as to why. Athleisure has become a regular for fashion designers and celebrities alike.

However, pulling off a successful ‘sports luxe’ look is not always easy. Too much ‘sport’ and you’ll end up looking like you belong on the track. Too much ‘luxe’ and your token athletic piece may look out of place.

Here’s how you can successfully pull off the athleisure look with these few items.

Sweat Tops

Sweat tops are not only really comfortable, they’re also very versatile which makes them easy to pair with almost any outfit.

For a more sophisticated look, pair a sweat top with silky cigarette pants or tailored trousers and accessorise with a glitzy clutch or statement heels.

If you prefer a more laid back look, pair a sweat top with a pair of distressed denim jeans and block heels or sneakers.

Tracksuit Pants

However odd it may sound, tracksuit pants are very trendy.

Scores of celebrities are particularly fond of pairing their tracksuit pants with feminine tops.

Pair tracksuit pants with a shiny, metallic top or a lacy bodysuit for a look that has both masculine and feminine elements.

A great pair of pointed heels will elevate the look even more.

Bomber Jackets

Undeniably one of the hottest items this season, the bomber jacket is probably the most versatile garment in a sports luxe wardrobe.

While bomber jackets have their roots in 80s athletic wear, they are being transformed into statement fashion pieces with embroidery and luxurious fabrics.

A silk bomber jacket can instantaneously give any outfit an ‘athleisure’ edge. You can wear it with jeans and a t-shirt or, if you want to make a bolder statement, throw it over your shoulders when you’re wearing a cocktail dress or ball gown.

Platform Sneakers

No sports luxe wardrobe is complete without a pair of great platform sneakers.

Major sport shoe companies such as Nike, Adidas and New Balance all have sneaker lines that are tailored to the sports luxe market.

You can wear sneakers with basically any outfit, but if you want to mix it up a little, pair your sneakers with a flirty skirt or silky culottes.

Image credit: Kim Kardashian & Rihanna wear sports luxe (2017) [online image] sourced on 19 July 2017 at http://hollywoodlife.com/2016/09/30/rihanna-disses-kim-kardashian-wearing-puma-track-pants/

Kendall & Gigi Team Up for New Fendi Campaign

Supermodels, Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, have teamed up for the latest campaign of Italian fashion house, Fendi.

The models, who happen to be BFFs, are the new faces of the Fendi Fall/Winter 2017/2018 campaign, and can be seen posing in a range of beautiful, high-fashion photographs, shot by none other than Karl Lagerfeld.

The campaign is also the first to feature Fendi’s new, modernised logo. According to Lagerfeld, the new logo inspired the brightly-coloured clothing and minimal makeup showcased in the campaign.

“I chose to play with exaggerated-scale versions of this logo and with the main colors of the collection, a mix of certain blues, camel and obviously red,” Lagerfeld said.

This is not the first time that Kendall and Gigi have worked together on a fashion campaign.
Besides sharing a runway on many occasions, KenGi (as they are affectionately known by their fans) shared the spotlight for the Balmain x H&M campaign in 2015.

The campaign, which was marketed as a collaboration of high-fashion and fast-fashion, also featured supermodel, Jourdan Dunn.

Image credit: Kendall Jenner & Gigi Hadid star in new Fendi campaign (2017) [online image] sourced on 19 July 2017 at http://en.mogaznews.com/Fashion/593451

Jared Leto Talks New Music, Fashion and Kanye West

Oscar-winning actor and Thirty Seconds to Mars frontman, Jared Leto, has given the world a peek into his usually private thoughts.,

Speaking to E! News yesterday, the 45-year-old hunk discussed everything from his bold fashion sense to a possible collaboration with Kanye West. When asked about the band, he said that he and the other members have been working hard on a new album, which will be released ‘soon’.

The actor, however, didn’t want to give too much away about the upcoming release.

“I think if I keep talking secrets are just going to come out of my mouth. We do have some really exciting and surprising collaborations…the only person we’ve ever collaborated with before as far as another artist is Kanye,” he said.

TIn 2009 Thirty Seconds to Mars released Hurricanes, one of Let’s favourites songs, featuring Kanye.

“We had a show in Spain, and I remember I called [Kanye] up, and said, ‘Hey, man. Do you want to come out and play with us in Spain. We’re playing outside in the street.’ It was the night before, and he was like, ‘Yeah, why not?!’ He flew over, and he showed up. I couldn’t even believe that it all happened,” he said.

The actor is a big fan of the controversial rapper.

“He [was] fantastic…I just had a great time working with him. He was really generous and really kind and I just had a great time with him. I think the world of him.”

Jared also said that he knows people have been criticising his fashion sense of late, but attributes his eclectic style to ‘not giving a damn’ anymore, and dressing as he wants.

Thirty Seconds To Mars’ new album is set for release at the end of the year, and we can’t wait.

Tips for Building a Classic Wardrobe

Fashion trends come and go, but classics last forever. That’s why, in order to have a well-rounded, timeless wardrobe, you should focus on the classics, and add the occasional trendy garments seasonally.

One thing to remember is that classic does not mean basic. Building a classic wardrobe shouldn’t leave you looking bland or outdated.

Here are some simple tips to follow to help you create a truly stylish and evergreen classic wardrobe.


The basic foundation of any classic wardrobe is an abundance of neutrals.

Neutrals act as a blank canvas, that you can embellish upon. Make sure you have enough staple garments such as shirts, skirts and trousers in black, white, beige, navy and grey.

From there, you can add fun pops of colour or go for a full-on neutral look, such as all black or all white, for a bold fashion statement.

Invest in a great pair of flats

Women tend to underestimate the power of a pair of great flats. While a good pair of heels also forms part of a classic wardrobe, the right pair of flats can add a classy edge to your look.

Brogues or Oxford shoes are classic and go with just about anything.

You can wear them with trousers and a crisp shirt for an androgynous look, or pair them with a A-line skirt or dress for something edgy.

Always opt for patent leather or suede when it comes to these shoes, and stick to neutrals such as black, dark brown or white.


Everyone knows a little black dress (LBD) is an integral part of a classic wardrobe.
However, many people overlook the importance of a little white dress (LWD). A white dress is timelessly elegant and screams classic, clean and crisp.

It’s also the perfect canvas on which to add pops of colour. Bright red lips with an all white outfit is not only classically stylish, but very sexy.

Great fitting jeans

When it comes to trousers in a classic wardrobe, jeans are your best friend.

Denim jeans are a staple for almost everyone, and they form part of the basic foundation of a classic wardrobe. The trick is to find jeans that fit incredibly well.

Jeans can be dressed up or down and are available in so many different styles and colours; it is all about finding the right pair of jeans for you.

As Ralph Lauren famously said: “Style is very personal. It has nothing to do with fashion. Fashion is over quickly. Style is forever”.

Look Good and Keep Warm This Winter

Staying warm and looking fashionable is not always as easy as it may sound – especially if you don’t know how to properly pair your clothes and accessories.

When it comes to style in the colder months, the most important thing to remember is that no self-respecting fashionista will risk catching a cold in the name of fashion. Instead, she or he will find clever ways to make fashion and comfort work for them.

To help you find the perfect balance between style and comfort this winter, check out our four essential tips.

Layer, Layer, Layer!

The most important word to remember during winter is ‘layer’.

Dressing in layers is not only a practical way of staying warm, it’s also a great opportunity to have fun with fashion.

Bargain on wearing at least three layers. The bottom layer should be something that fits tightly to your body, such as a tank top, thin polo neck or blouse.

Add a light to medium layer on top of that. Think cardigans, pullovers or sweat tops.

Your final layer should be your defense against the forces of nature, such as a great looking parka jacket, faux fur coat, or classic trench coat.

Use your layers to mix patterns with prints, for an edgy, fun look. Remember to keep at least one layer neutral so as not to overdo it.

Make Scarves a Staple

The scarf is the ultimate winter accessory and can elevate any outfit.

There are a few points to remember when it comes to styling a scarf. Take a look in your cupboard and, if you spot any kind of ‘novelty’ scarf, take it and chuck it in the bin!

We’re talking scarves with sports team emblems, your old, high school scarf or any scarf that can’t be stylishly blended with your outfit. They’re a nightmare to pair with and have no place in the modern wardrobe.

Scarves that deserve a spot on your clothes rack include wide, checkered scarves in neutral colours , and chunky knit scarves and faux fur snoods in bold colours. These are trendy and will definitely keep you warm.

Remember to invest in high-quality scarves made from comfortable materials. You don’t want to deal with an itchy neck!


Winter is the perfect time to experiment with headgear that you might not be brave enough to try in the warmer months.

Wide-brimmed felt hats are a winter classic, but you can also try out pleather hats or knitted head pieces such as beanies.

Head scarves are also great for keeping your head warm and are currently on trend.

Faux Fur

Faux fur has made a huge comeback this season. Oversized faux fur coats are all the rage, and have been frequently spotted on models and celebs.

If you’re wondering why they are so popular, the answer is simple. They make a bold fashion statement while still keeping you nice and cosy.

For a more subtle faux fur look, experiment with faux fur wraps, scarves, or snoods.

The emphasis here is on faux fur, meaning not real fur. Wearing real fur that has been ripped off the backs of innocent animals is disgusting – and definitely not stylish.

2017 CFDA Fashion Awards: Winners

The Council of Fashion Designers of America Awards, otherwise known as the CFDA Awards, was held on Sunday night at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City.

The CFDA Awards are like the Academy Awards of the fashion world, and scooping a CFDA Award is a career highlight for many a designer and model.

This year’s show was hosted by Late Night talk show host, Seth Meyers, and featured a bevy of fashionable presenters including Amber Valletta and Jon Bon Jovi.

Creative director of Calvin Klein, Raf Simons, was the biggest winner of the night, scooping the award for both Menswear and Womenswear Designer of the Year.

Check out the list of winners below:

Menswear Designer of the Year:
WINNER: Raf Simons for Calvin Klein
Robert Geller
Thom Browne
Tim Coppens
Todd Snyder

Accessory Designer of the Year:
WINNER: Stuart Vevers for Coach
Irene Neuwirth
Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavriel for Mansur Gavriel
Paul Andrew
Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen for The Row

Swarovski Award for Emerging Talent:
WINNER: Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia for Monse
Laura Vassar and Kristopher Brock for Brock Collection
Gabriela Hearst
Virgil Abloh for Off-White
Sander Lak for Sies Marjan

Womenswear Designer of the Year:
WINNER: Raf Simons for Calvin Klein
Joseph Altuzarra
Marc Jacobs
Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez for Proenza Schouler
Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen for The Row

Inaugural Swarovski Award for Positive Change: Kenneth Cole

Geoffrey Beene Lifetime Achievement Award: Rick Owens

International Award: Demna Gvasalia for Vetements and Balenciaga

The Founder’s Award: Pat McGrath

Board of Directors’ Tribute: Cecile Richards, Gloria Steinem and Janelle Monáe

Fashion Icon Award: Franca Sozzani, Italian Vogue editor-chief, posthumous

3 SA Menswear Designers to Watch

It’s no secret that South African fashion designers are some of the best in the world. The likes of Gert-Johan Coetzee, David Tlale and Marianne Fassler have all made a name for themselves both locally and abroad.

The emerging design talent in South Africa is somewhat of a treasure trove, with new, young designers showcasing designs that are truly out of this world.

South African Fashion Week has done a lot to inspire young designers from all over South Africa, and offers them a platform to showcase their designs to the rest of the world.

In fashion, womenswear designers seem to enjoy spotlight more than menswear designers, but that doesn’t mean that menswear designers aren’t as creative or as detailed.

Here are three of our favourite South African menswear designers that you definitely need to keep an eye on.


D.O.P.E clothing – which stands for Designer Original Products Enterprise – was founded in 2009 by Andile Cele.

While the label initially focused on streetwear and sneakers, it has carefully evolved into a lifestyle brand with five sub-labels, each catering to a specific market.

D.O.P.E focuses on comfortable, easy-to-wear outfits that are still fashion forward. Expect a lot of bright colours paired with blacks and greys, and comfortable athleisure garments such as sweat tops, hoodies and trackpants.


AKJP consists of Adriaan Kuiters, his designer Keith Henning and artist Jody Paulsen.

The label has already made quite a name in fashion circles over the past two years and has been praised for its modern take on classics.

Think strong prints paired with neutral colours and detailed garments that are ever so slightly off the beaten track.


Zamaswazi is the label of self-taught designer, Zamaswazi Mathole.

Before becoming a full-time designer, Zamaswazi used to take old garments, re-design or add to them.

This has carried through in his designs, and most of his pieces comprise a classic silhouette adorned with patchwork or prints.

His designs mostly have a streamlined aesthetic with asymmetric additions. Overall his style is distinctly modern with an African twist.

Image credit:  Zamaswazi S/S16 [online image] (2017) sourced on 6 June 2017 from http://www.safashionweek.co.za/category/designers/zamaswazi/collections-zamaswazi/?post=26789